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How is Mark’s Commercial different from Mark’s?

We’re the direct-to-corporation, bulk wholesale arm of Mark’s. We work with corporations to provide head-to-toe workwear, uniforms, safety gear and PPE. We have several service options including bulk purchasing , program management and eCommerce. We leverage all 380 Mark’s stores to help us deliver employee vouchers and pay-as-you-go programs that are tailored to meet your employees’ requirements.

What bulk purchasing and program management options do you offer?

We can store your pre-embelish products in our warehouse and ship them to you as you order them. We can also save you time by helping with on-site inventory management. Bulk purchasing also offers savings through repeat orders and economies of scale.

How do I purchase items through Mark’s Commercial?

First, you must set up an account with us. Call us today at 1.855.592.7444 and answer a few questions about your business to get started.

How do I get set up on the eCommerce platform?

Call our support team and answer a few questions about your business and the products you buy. If you qualify for an account, we’ll set you up with a sales representative to talk about what kind of a product management program will work best for your company and requirements.

Can I view the eCommerce platform without having an account set up?

Yes. We can take you through the site and all of its functions. Call us at 1.855.592.7444, once you’ve answered a few questions about your business and the products you buy we’ll set you up with one of our Client Service Representatives who will organize a demo with you via WebEx.

Can I buy Mark’s gift cards in bulk?

Yes. We process Mark’s gift cards for corporations. Just call our support team at 1.855.592.7444 or contact your Corporate Sales Manager to place your order.

What are the shipping costs?

There are no additonal charges for shipping.

How do I return an item?

Please click on the link to access our return policy and return form.