Mark’s Commercial is more than a supplier. We provide world-class industrial, corporate and workwear, footwear and PPE to thousands of Canadian businesses and ensure the highest standards of safety, service, supply and fulfillment.

Multi-Level Service

Our team approach applies to multiple levels of service to ensure all client programs are managed effectively.
Trusted advisors from the Client Services Team work with key clients to meet their value drivers and align our core competencies with their objectives.

Alliance Partnerships

An Alliance Partnership with Mark’s Commercial lets you leverage the size, scale, global sourcing power and financial capabilities of the Canadian Tire Group of Companies. As an Alliance Partner you’ll work collaboratively with us in a mutually beneficial relationship. You’ll also benefit from on-site facility management and access to in-stock, pre-branded apparel.

In an Alliance Partnership, we go far beyond selling you products. We’ll help you define and meet your business goals through consolidated bulk wholesale procurement, tailored eCommerce solutions and overall efficiencies in supply and fulfillment.

Multi-Year Agreements

As a major client, enjoy the benefits of a multi-year agreement. You’ll gain stability through inventory consolidation, save on costs through optimized pricing, streamline efficiencies through eCommerce procurement and remove the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

Multi-year agreements provide expanded solutions in logistics and distribution. You’ll access a personalized eCommerce solution, on-site facility management and in-stock, pre-branded apparel, so you and your workforce will have a continuous supply of inventory.