July 12, 2023

Incidents can happen at any time, but they can be prevented by following safety procedures and expecting the same level of compliance from others. As a trades person, you understand the importance of safety not only for your co-workers but also for your family and yourself. It only takes a second to show you care, and that second may save lives. In this blog, you will learn how to lead by example, be an effective communicator, and practice safety protocols at work.

1. Understand safety procedures and expectations to ensure everyone is compliant:

Before starting work each day, it's important to review your company's safety procedures and policies. Make sure to understand them and follow them to the letter. If there is uncertainty about a particular procedure, ask for clarification from your supervisor. It's better to take a moment to ask for clarification than to risk the safety of everyone on the job site. Ensure everyone on the job site knows and has been trained in proper procedures.


2.  Speak up if you notice any health or safety issues on the job site:

Sometimes safety issues can go unnoticed if no one speaks up. Take the initiative to report any potential hazards or violations to your supervisor. In case your co-workers are not adhering to safety procedures, speak up and remind them. If they have any questions, explain the safety procedures.

3. Clean up after yourself– take care of your tools and materials, remove potential safety hazards, and keep your workspace tidy:

It's important to keep a tidy workspace to prevent tripping hazards. After using any tools or equipment, put them away, and wipe down your workspace. Dispose of waste materials correctly. It's also essential to do a clean up session before leaving the job site.


4. Follow safety protocols – wear protective equipment:

Personal protective equipment, including goggles, masks, steel-toe boots, and harnesses, is critical for tradespeople. Neglecting such equipment could put you at risk of incident or injury. Remember to follow the safety protocols to ensure your safety and always use the appropriate personal protective equipment.


5. Be an Effective Communicator– Ensure Clarity and Safety on the Job Site:

To achieve project success, it's crucial to communicate effectively with your team, ensuring everyone is aligned with expectations and on the same page. Regular safety meetings should also be held to emphasize the significance of adhering to safety protocols. Keeping everyone informed and aware of the safety plan will help create a safe and productive work environment. importance of following safety protocols. Make sure everyone on the job site is informed and understands the safety plan.


6. Be aware of your surroundings:

When you're aware of your surroundings, you can identify and avoid hazards that may pose a risk to your safety and the safety of others. But promoting safety culture doesn't stop there. It also means watching out for your fellow workers and never hesitating to speak up if you see something that could potentially harm someone. By working together and being aware of our surroundings, we can create a safer and healthier workplace for everyone.


Safety is crucial in the workplace. As a tradesperson, you can lead by example in promoting safety and keeping it a priority. Following these safety procedures and being a safety advocate can go a long way in preventing incidents and injuries. Always remember, it only takes a second to show you care and to make a massive impact on the safety of your job site and your co-workers. By following these safety procedures, you are edging closer to a safe and hazard-free workplace for you and your co-workers.

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